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MarsHydro Indoor Hydroponics Grow Tent (27''x27''x63'')

MarsHydro Indoor Hydroponics Grow Tent (27''x27''x63'')

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 MarsHydro Indoor Grow Tent: 70*70*160cm

Key Specifications:

Model Number: MZ-70*70*160
Certifications: UL, VDE, ROHS, SAA, CE, PSE
Model Number: MZ-70*70*160
Voltage: 110V
Dimensions: 27''L x 27''W x 63''H (70*70*160cm)

Mar's Hydro's grow tent is an excellent choice for your hydroponic grow! This easily assembled grow tent has a tough metal frame and a reflective inner layer, keeping your plants supported on the inside and able to grow to their full potential. Use the window to check the status of your grow at any time, while the integrated fan enables air circulation and temperature control.

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