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MasterGrow 50X50X100cm Indoor Hydroponics Grow Tent

MasterGrow 50X50X100cm Indoor Hydroponics Grow Tent

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MasterGrow Indoor Grow Tent 

Unleash your green thumb indoors with the MasterGrow Indoor Grow Tent. This professional-grade, freestanding tent is designed for all levels of growers and is compatible with all types of lights and growing systems.

Key Specifications:

Size: 50x50x100cm
Material: Durable 1680D heavy-duty oxford cloth exterior, 100% highly reflective waterproof lightproof mylar interior
Certifications: UL, ROHS, CE
Voltage: 85-265V
Fixture Weight Capacity: 80KGw
Ventilation System: 1x8
Electrical Outlets: 2 x 3

Features & Benefits:

Versatile Use: Perfect for hydroponic, aeroponic, and soil-based cultivation. Compatible with Incandescent, LED, Fluorescent (Standard, CFL & T5), and HID (Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium & Dual-arc) lights.

Superior Light Blocking: The heavy-duty material is completely opaque to block ambient light from entering and system light from exiting.

Maximum Reflection: The highly-reflective interior allows plants to utilize all the supplied light without waste. It's durable, fade-proof, mildew and fire-resistant, non-toxic and washable.

Premium Zippers: Features industrial-strength, oversized (#10), coil zippers that last a lifetime without failing.

Double Floor Protection: A separate floor-pan with a 5" tall lip provides a second layer of protection against any accidental system leaks or spills.

Multiple Access Points: The system contains several ducted ports with drawstrings and multiple rectangular, mesh-covered vent windows for ventilation, ducting, tubing, wiring, filter systems or other uses.
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